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Posted On : Sunday, November 3, 2013

New beginning, new Address. Goodbye Unzippedfahionblog!

Posted On : Wednesday, September 4, 2013

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I don't want to be sound like I am nagging ,but this month was truly crazy and busy for me even though I was is Stockholm for the MBFW . As I prepare you with my plans to re brand my blog and giving it a new name , I though it will be a good opportunity to create a new blog . I didn't know what I was thinking ,getting myself into this all crazy design idea ,and creating a new blog with no help, but I am sure that after all what I been through, I really deserve a web designer certification.    

The sad thing in this all crazy busy last weeks,  that I realize six days after Nadav's birthday that I totally forgot about it! and didn't even say to aim those two words! At least we were on "vacation" and I was relieved to see in my Instagram, that we enjoy a romantic evening with firework , kiss and more (see my Instagram 25 of August ) good that we have  photos to keep our memories!

Anyway,  this is my last post in Unzippedfashionblog and hope to see you very soon In The Pisces woman and hear your thoughts about my new blog- The Pisces woman

'Rosh hashana' is a time for a new beginning, so I  Wish you all happy shana tova  !


Stylish Urban Sweden

Posted On : Thursday, August 29, 2013

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KOOKAI dress/ Benneton top/ Ash sandals/fossil bag

Heyush lovelies, how you doing? long time no see but that's because I really needed a vacation 
and to explore the stylish urban Sweden. Now, I am writing from the hotel after a nice breakfast 
and long week of Fashion show, places to visit and shop (actually more to see than buy)

As I did some good research for you, I found places you should visit, eat and buy:

fashion- best Swedish fashion brands and shops you shouldn't miss : other stories (very new and stylish brand see next post what I got), Cos ( the progeny of H&M that merges high fashion attributes )., Acne studio , cheap Monday and Filippa K.

Eat drink: espresso house is like the Sweden Starbucks, Urban deli (bar and a restaurant come early or in the middle of the week otherwise you will wait two hours), Lisa (you should eat salmon and seafood in Sweden , it's less expensive from other countries) and Berns bistro.

If you have kids, don't miss the Junibacken and just try to enjoy even if you have to get up very early :)

more to see in the following posts.


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